The portal is now open. Seattle, our time is at hand.

The portal is now open. Our time is at hand. 

It sounds like science fiction, but alas, the portal is online rather than interdimensional, and the opportunity we now face would allow us to completely revamp our school board before the end of the year.

So the machinations of the Seattle School Board might involve fewer lasers than you were hoping for, but it’s important nonetheless. 

Betty Patu has been our school board rep in southeast Seattle for about 10 years now. She announced her resignation three days after the regular election cycle ended last month. So, rather than a public vote deciding her replacement, the school board will appoint someone.

The board is accepting applications through an online portal, as they’re calling it, but it’s just a fairly quick form to fill out. Definitely not as rigorous as a campaign! The deadline to apply is Friday, June 28. After that, the portal will forever close.

Here’s the info from the district’s site

District VII (7) Appointment Criteria and Process

Applicants for the position must reside within the boundaries of Director District VII. View district map.

Applicants must also be U.S. citizens and registered voters. For more information, read the Candidate Manual published on the King County Elections website.

The duties for School Board members are defined by Washington state law, RCW 28A.150.230, and RCW section 28A.330. Visit the Washington State Legislature website to read the school director legislative law sections.

Thank you for your interest in applying for the District VII School Board Position.

Appointment process steps:

  • June 28: Letter of interest and work experience deadline for interested candidates. Please see the submission form below. This information will be publicly displayed on individual candidate pages. If you want a photo included please email,

  • July 8: A questionnaire will be sent to all candidates, representing input from the School Board and feedback gathered from families, staff, students, and partners.

  • July 12: Completed candidate questionnaire submitted to

  • July 19: Answers to the individual questionnaires will be displayed on individual candidate pages.

  • Late July-Early August (date to be determined): Public Candidate District VII Forum at Rainier Beach High School. Each applicant will have a set time to share why they want to serve Seattle Public Schools and their qualifications. If time allows, board and audience questions will also be facilitated.

  • August (location and date to be determined): Depending on the number of District VII candidates this is an optional public meeting to select the three finalist candidates.

  • August (location and date to be determined): Public interviews of final applicants; location and time to be announced.

  • August 28: Seattle School Board swears in District VII School Board Director finalist.