On International Women's Day, listen to the strongest woman I know speak the truth about education

Happy International Women's Day everyone. In honor of this moment, I'd like to take the next few to try to thank and recognize the most important woman in my life: my partner, Lindsay Hill.

I don't remember the first time we met, but I do remember the first time I really saw her. And she has been in my mind and my heart and my life ever since then. Cheesy as it was, my eyes just welled up writing that sentence. Our youngest son is making trucks out of Duplos about two feet to my left right now. Our dog is barking outside. Our oldest son has been reading Calvin & Hobbes in the bathroom for almost 45 minutes. I can see the lake, and I can hear the wind chimes, and I can smell the rain, and I'm sitting in our home, and life is good. And all these things are possible and meaningful in this place and time because of and with Lindsay.

She has seen things in me from the beginning that I didn't know were there, and she has opened doors and windows that have led to opening my eyes and my heart to truths both heartbreaking and awe-inspiring. She is a relentless warrior for her family and for literally all marginalized people everywhere. She inspires me to aspire to be a reflection of what I see in her.

I am struck every day by her strength and her vision -- and by her ability to turn her visions into reality. We are on a strange and special path together, I think, but none of it would be possible without Lindsay. None of it would be as real or as bold or as deep.

I flew with Lindsay to Delaware last month and watched her give a TEDx talk in Wilmington. I was so nervous! My palms were in a cold sweat for hours leading up to it. She was great though. Calm and composed and saying things that people need to hear. It's funny, but I was thinking to myself at one point while she was talking about the original sinister intentions of our school system that wow, if I was just sitting here in the audience, hearing this incredible woman say all the things I want to hear, I'd be like, who is this? I love her. And then I realized I did know her and love her, and that I was so damn lucky.

Lindsay, thank you for being the woman you are, and for sharing yourself with me and the world. I love you.

Anyway, that's enough stammering from me. It's International Women's Day today. Here's a video of Lindsay Hill, the strongest, most powerful woman I know, speaking the truth. Take a look, and then take a minute to honor the women in your life today. And again the next day. And the next. And...