Time is running out! Public comment on ESSA in Washington State ends Tuesday

After months of analysis and dissection, like a pot of water that only starts to boil when you've finally looked away, we are suddenly mere days away from the end of the last period of public comment on Washington State's ESSA plan.

ESSA Feedback

ESSA (short for the Every Student Succeeds Act) gives the individual states more autonomy and more control than No Child Left Behind, which ESSA will replace as the guidepost for our nation's public school system. Each state must submit its own plan for accountability under ESSA to the feds by Sept. 18.

This is our last chance to ask the important questions. Does Washington's ESSA plan protect our most vulnerable students? Is our plan bold enough to truly eliminate our state's significant opportunity and achievement gaps? Will every student genuinely have the opportunity to succeed under this plan?

Read the plan or the plan summary and then provide feedback.

The public comment period will end on Sept. 5, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.